Your home page also knows as Dashboard gives you access to all the functions you are entitled to perform in the system. This will include your next planned absences displayed with details, company notices, calendar with multiple views and your allowance displayed in pie charts.

Navigation Bar



All users share exact same navigation bar, however features available are limited depending on your role in the company.  Additional functions are discussed later in this manual. When you log in you are presented with a personalized home page similar to the one shown here (although, the logo and color scheme will be different for your company).

Home Screen


AL Dashboard2

My – summary information that is displayed on the homepage is unique to you. It displays your next 5 planned absences, date and type of absence. In period column you are able to see the dates leave begins and ends. Absence Name will display the type of absence: sick leave, annual leave, maternity leave. Days remaining column is showing the number of days before your next leave becomes due.

HR options – this view is available for HR user only. Advanced charts and company summaries are available there and will be explained in the HR features chapters.

Your allowance this year – This is the total number of days, which are assigned to you for the current year. Your allowances are presented using pie charts and summaries attached.  Your entitlement is calculated using accrual system. For example, if you are entitled to 22 days per year, but you only started with the company halfway through the year, then you would have half the annual entitlement i.e. 11 days.

Notices – Here you can read company driven notes. Your HR department can set a list of company-wide messages. These are displayed-scrolling-on the home page. The date indicates when the message was created.

Your Colleagues – here you can see how your colleagues working this and next week. There are few different view options : My Team (for approvers and managers) , your manager team, location and department you are working in.