All confirmed and pending absences are listed in the calendar. Absences, which have been cancelled, are not listed. The legend will show the types of leave that have been defined by your company, and may be different from those which are displayed here. You can see who is in and who is out on any given date by simply cross-referencing their name and the date. If the grid is ‘filled in’ then the employee is out on that day.


Use the information bar above the calendar to refine your search criteria. You can select to view the calendar for an alternative month, year, location and/or department by making your selection in the drop- down lists above the calendar. When you click “Go” the appropriate calendar information will be displayed.

Calendar search bar

Create an absence request

To create a leave of absence request, simply click into the relevant day in the calendar. Doing so will prompt the ‘New request’ form.

Calendar scroll with absence

New request form

  1. Select the type of leave you want from the ‘Request type’ drop down list.
  2. Select when you want the leave to begin, using the ‘date picker’ button and the ‘All day / AM Only / PM Only’ drop- down box.
  3. Select when you want the leave to end, using the same method.
  4. Click ‘OK’

You can choose to cancel requests, which have not yet been taken by clicking ‘Cancel’ next to the request. If the status of a request is ‘Pending’, then it will be cancelled immediately. If the status of a request is ‘Approved’, then your manager must approve the cancellation. An email will be sent to your manager informing him/her of your wish to cancel. Your manager will act upon the request to cancel, and you will receive an email of the decision. Naturally, if an absence has already been taken, it cannot be cancelled.