Go to dashboard and  select Company > Departments. Each company has one or more departments. All the departments are listed in this section. You can add, edit or remove departments from the list.


Create New Department

  1. Select the ‘Add new Department’ button and input the new department’s name.
  2. Input a department code if required
  3. Decide on the minimum percentage level of cover that this department requires.
  4. Select ‘save changes’

Create new department

Edit Department

  1. Select the appropriate button adjacent to that department.
  2. Select the ‘Edit‘ button, input the data and save changes.

Delete Department

  1. Select the remove button
  2. Accept the delete confirmation request.

Please note you cannot delete a department that contains employees.

Move Employees

  1. In Edit mode go to Employees tab.
  2. Check employee and select new department from the dropdown
  3. Click ‘Move