The minimum cover percentage can be applied to 3 different entities in the Annual Leave system:

  • Location
  • Department
  • Employee Group

The below error message flags that minimum cover percentage in the given Location has been exceeded and the system simply stops the request being added. It is a very common configuration issue which can be easily avoided.


The minimum cover percentage can be modified in:

  •  Company -> Location -> Specific Location -> Edit ->  Slider
  •  Company -> Departments -> Specific Department -> Edit ->  Slider
  •  Company -> Employee Groups -> Specific Group -> Edit ->  Slider

Here is the example of Minimum Cover set to 15%  for IT – Engineering department:


In order to allow the requests to be placed please reduce the percentage (move the slider left) or set it to 0 and save. Please note this change will be applied from now on in the given entity and will not be backdated. If there is a historic leave that needs to be added to the system it would still go through the old validation settings.

If you would like to place a request for the past or reduce the minimum cover percentage temporarily please add the exception period instead. Please note that exception period is not available for the employee groups.