If you would like to add historical request information, add requests for the previous year, add a global company day for all users, or simply upload more requests at once please use the upload file functionality available on the Time Off -> My Team’s Requests page.

This feature can be used by the approvers to record the leave on behalf of their direct reports or by the hr users to record on behalf of everyone in the company.

There is a sample CSV file that can be downloaded. Please open the file and populate the request information. 3 sample lines have been included in the file to demonstrate how the data should be filled in. Please remove the sample lines before saving the file.


Once the data is saved in the CSV file please upload the file to the system using the ‘Add File’ button available on the same page.

Note: If the requests are added for the previous years the system will automatically update the number of days taken in that year, however, the carried over days will not be automatically calculated as the rollover procedure has been already completed. In order to update the employee balance please go to the Company -> Employees -> Edit -> Allowances tab and update the carryover value manually. 


Statuses available:

  • Pending
  • Approved
  • Taken

Date format:


Absence Type Name:

  • This field has to match an Absence Type that is already configured in the system.

Start/End Day Hours format:

  • AllDay
  • AM
  • PM

When the requests are added with the status ‘Taken’ or ‘Approved’ the approval process will be skipped. Pending requests will appear on the ‘requests to approve list‘ and approvers will have to follow the approval process in order to accept the request.

Note: Please take into the consideration that requests added in the past will be also validated according to the Auto-Response mode (Company -> General Settings) which can automatically reject or approve the request depending on the selected option. It is important to add the historical requests as ‘Taken’. 

The system will flag all the issues with the upload file and present a validation message. If you are unable to resolve the issues please include the validation message and the CSV file in the query raised through support@annualleave.com so our support team can assist you efficiently.