User settings are available by clicking setting button on the top panel right beside ‘log out’ button.



Change your password


When your account was first created for you, a random password was generated and sent to you in an email. It is likely to be something like “Xyc34S”, which – let’s face it – is pretty hard to remember! It’s most likely that you’ll want to change your password to something more memorable. Select the button & simply enter your existing password. Then enter a new password (twice for confirmation) and click ‘Save Changes’. The next time you log in you will need to use your new password.

If there are any problems (e.g. you enter the wrong existing password, or if the two new passwords do not match) then you will be given appropriate feedback. You simply need to correct the error and click ‘Save Changes’ again.

Password fields

Out of office settings


If you are an approver you can select out of office approver during your absence. This will redirect all your teams request to selected approver. There are 3 options :

Off – Disables out of office settings

Manual – All request will be forwarded to selected approver until this options is turned off

Automatic – System will automatically forward request to selected approver while you are out of office based on calendar



Calendar Feeds


Calendar feeds allow you to bring Annual Leave calendar to your Outlook calendar. To filter down the feed please select desired options from the lists. Employee group, Location and Department drop-downs allow you to select all groups or one specific group. In other drop-downs you can specify multiple parameters.If you would like to see only your department calendar please check ‘Show my team only’.


To generate calendar feed please click ‘Generate calendar feed’. This will generate a link that can be imported in the Ms Outlook. Please go to Calendar and click add new from the internet


Paste link generated by Annual Leave and click ‘OK’