Go to your dashboard and then Company > Allowance Types. This page allows you to create or edit the Allowance Types across your company.


Allowance types

Create an Allowance

  1. Select the button ‘Add new allowance type’.
  2. Fill in Basic Details – These fields cover the rudimentary structure of the allowance
  3. Fill in Rules – These fields provide parameters to administer the allowance

Create new allowance type

You can determine the standard allowance for the employee and if you wish this allowance to tracked in days or hours. After inputting the data, click on next and then ‘Save Changes‘  in the rules page.

Edit an allowance

  1. Select the edit button adjacent to the allowance.
  2. Edit fields in Basic Details and Rules tabs. (These are usually populated in during Allowance type creation)
  3. In addition to the two pages ‘Basic Details’ and ‘Rules’ there is a third-page ‘Length of service’ – This page allows the user to enter a period after which the allowance would activate.2016-12-13_1156
  4. Last page ‘Employees’ allow HR managers to quickly adjust the allowance for all employees using ‘Carried Over’ and Employee ‘Adjustment’ fields that have been also described in Features>HR Features>Edit a user2016-12-13_1201