If a member of your team requests time off (or requests to cancel time off which was previously approved), you will be sent an email informing you of the request. This function gives you the ability to approve or reject the request. You can find it in Time Off section > My Team’s Requests


You are presented with all the outstanding requests in a grid with the following columns:

Employee The employee for whom the request is made
From The date on which the absence begins
To The date on which the absence ends
Notes Additional comments
Type The category of absence requested
Duration The number of days requested
Status For new requests this will be “Pending”. For requests to cancel existing requests this will be “Cancellation Requested”
Actions Facility to accept or reject the request


Use this buttons to approve or reject selected requests.


If you approve a request it is added to the calendar and the employee’s entitlement is updated automatically. For both approvals and rejections, the employee is automatically sent an email informing them of your decision.

All request’s that has been approved or rejected will be also shown in the below table called ‘Request History‘. At this stage requests can be canceled or deleted. Only users with HR permissions can delete the request permanently. This will also leave a note in the employee history.