Support ManualHelping You Use AnnualLeave

AnnualLeave is one of the most cost-effective employee leave management tools on the market, with no installation fees – just affordable monthly payments. But we are also offering your first three users free so you can experience at first hand the difference AnnualLeave will make.

Put simply, when you want to request time off, you make that request using AnnualLeave. Your manager will then approve or reject that request and it will be recorded in a company-wide calendar. The number of days- off that you have remaining, will be updated accordingly. Of course there is much more to the system than that and all will be revealed throughout the course of this manual.

About this manual

In this manual, there are a number of screenshots to help you understand the functions. In your own organisation, it is possible that the screen colours and/or logo are different. Please don’t let this put you off. The icons, text and their positions on the screen will be the same. Naturally, the system will function in the same way as described in these pages. We like to think that this manual is written – and laid out – in an easy to understand way. If you disagree, please let us know and we’ll put it right.